New data on lung CT screening; Italy's lack of dose awareness; EANM concerns over hybrid imaging

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This year has already been one of tremendous progress for lung cancer screening in terms of much-needed new data, and now the BMJ has published significant information from a large U.K. pilot project. We've conducted an exclusive interview with the lead author of this article, John K. Field, PhD, professor of molecular oncology (clinical) at the University of Liverpool.

What are the central messages of this research, and what are its implications? To find out, go to our CT Community, or click here.

A considerable amount of work still has to be done on radiation protection, it seems. An Italian survey of radiographers has highlighted a disturbing lack of know-how when it comes to dose awareness. To improve the situation, however, the authors have a checklist of six practical measures. Get them in our Digital X-Ray Community, or click here.

As we reported last month, the European Society of Radiology intends to launch the European Society for Hybrid Medical Imaging at ECR 2016 in Vienna in March, but not everybody welcomes this development. Dr. Arturo Chiti, president of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine, has voiced his concerns, and you can read about his views here.

Doubts persist over the true clinical value of structured reporting, but some skeptics may be won over by research from Germany presented at RSNA 2015. Click here to learn more.

And what technology trends were evident in the vast exhibit halls at RSNA 2015? Which were the hot modalities and techniques? Don't miss our topical news report from a leading market analyst.

Last but not least, Dutch researchers have found that positron emission mammography can detect almost all breast cancer index lesions located within its scanning range without limitations due to tumor size, grade, or histological subtype. Get the full story here.

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