Radiology anatomy atlas gets new updates

Danish radiology resident Dr. Jens Borgbjerg has added new updates to his Imaging Anatomy atlas of radiological anatomy.

The updates to the open-access atlas include the following:

  • An anatomical landmark search function that will take users directly to the relevant imaging slice
  • A new save feature that allows users to save the position and size of displayed views of Imaging Anatomy modules, as well as settings
  • 16 new modules for a total of 22
  • A self-administered quiz to assess knowledge of imaging anatomy
  • Wikipedia integration; users can click on a structure for supplementary text/illustrations that are shown alongside imaging anatomy
  • Landmark customization, with dots, labels, numbers, and lines, including color settings
  • Regional shading to better illustrate anatomical boundaries
  • A caliper and angle tool that allows users to practice making radiological measurements
  • Oblique cross-reference lines for MR studies to better demonstrate anatomy
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