RCR approves of new Cancer Taskforce

The U.K.'s Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) approves of the National Health Service's (NHS) creation of a Cancer Taskforce.

More than 300,000 patients wait more than a month for radiology test results, according to a snapshot survey by the RCR, and the college hopes the taskforce will invest in more radiologists.

The college also approves of the focus on advanced radiotherapy, because some patients are not currently getting access to the most modern techniques, said RCR President Dr. Giles Maskell.

"Investment is required, not just in stereotactic ablative radiotherapy but in the full suite of advanced radiotherapy treatments, including image-guided radiotherapy, intensity-modulated radiotherapy, and proton beam therapy," he said. "Techniques delivered by interventional radiologists also offer great advantages to some cancer patients and should be made available more routinely."

The college said it looks forward to playing an active role in guiding and supporting the work of the new taskforce.

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