U.K. radiographers to strike for 3rd time

Members of the Society of Radiographers (SoR) have announced their plans for a third strike to take place on 29 January from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., followed by a work-to-rule period beginning on 30 January and continuing to 24 February.

There was no strike action in December as the unions decided not to place additional strain on the National Health Service (NHS) at this time, the society said. Because the government did not make a pay offer or attempt to meet with the NHS staff for negotiations, the unions have decided to strike in January.

The proposed strike and industrial action represents an escalation of previous actions with a six-hour strike this time and a longer period of work-to-rule. Other unions will be carrying out action in accordance with the mandates they have from their members, and some will be striking for 12 hours on 29 January.

SoR decided on six hours as the appropriate period that demonstrates an escalation of the dispute but will also enable members in both diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy to ensure, where possible, that while patients may be inconvenienced, they will not be put at risk, the society said.

If there is no change, unions will strike again on 25 February.

The society also plans to issue detailed guidance regarding emergency cover early next month to allow members and their managers to plan for this further strike.

The proposed strike represents the third time the society will strike; the first was on 20 October and the second on 25 November.

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