Journal of Global Radiology debuts online

A new online medical imaging journal aimed at bridging gaps between the developed and developing worlds is being launched this month.

The peer-reviewed Journal of Global Radiology will hone in on opportunities for technology transfer, as well as on research, opinions, and experiences that define the differences between rich and poor environments, according to a press release.

Topics will include equipment availability, infrastructure, radiologists, technologists, training and education, socioeconomic factors, and disease patterns. The journal will also cover innovation in equipment and consumables manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and service delivery.

The publication will "promote awareness of the state of radiology services and workforce in the developing world," said Editor-in-Chief Dr. Sarwat Hussain from University of Massachusetts Medical School. "In that context, it will publish pieces to foster dialogues with individuals and organizations that share visions of building and establishing cost-effective and relevant diagnostic radiology services for all citizens in the world, through communication, collaboration, education, and advocacy."

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