Guardian profiles radiology manager who blew the whistle

The Guardian newspaper this week ran an article on the case of a radiology manager at a U.K. National Health Service (NHS) hospital who claims she lost her job after blowing the whistle on radiologists at the facility who were allegedly moonlighting in other jobs.

Sharmila Chowdhury was a radiology manager at Ealing Hospital NHS Trust in 2008 when she raised concerns about several radiologists who she claimed were working for private hospitals despite not fulfilling their full NHS sessions, according to the article. Chowdhury claims she was sacked after reporting her concerns to hospital management.

Chowdhury won a ruling before an employment tribunal in 2010, but she remains unemployed because the hospital "restructured" her job out of existence, the Guardian reported. She received some compensation from the trust, but it went to pay for her legal fees.

Chowdury's case has become a cause célèbre amid renewed focus on whistleblowing within the NHS. A hearing was held on 18 March by Parliament's Health Committee.

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