Agfa signs PACS contracts with 5 Belgian hospitals

Agfa HealthCare has signed contracts with five hospitals in Belgium for new or upgraded Impax PACS networks.

AZ Monica hospital in Deurne signed a seven-year managed services contract with Agfa for its Impax RIS/PACS. Agfa will handle all daily monitoring and management of the system, and address the long-term challenges of medical image and report management.

New customer Heilig Hart hospital in Lier chose the Impax RIS and replaced its existing PACS with Impax as well.

Another regional hospital, Sint-Maria hospital in Halle, had previously used Impax PACS. The hospital also decided on Agfa's RIS, which includes ICIS View, Agfa's zero-footprint viewing technology. Impax Scheduling also is being implemented hospital-wide.

AZ Sint-Blasius in Dendermonde extended its RIS/PACS to the nuclear medicine department, which means a fully integrated nuclear medicine information system and Oasis for Impax. Oasis allows reporting of new studies, availability of prior images and reports, and a shared reporting workflow between the nuclear medicine and radiology departments for hybrid exams.

Finally, Antwerp University Hospital has upgraded its Impax for Cardiology PACS. The upgrade will allow the hospital to work with modalities such as CT and MRI, and will allow greater integration capabilities for research or highly specialist clinical applications such as 4D echocardiography analysis.

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