Imaging Ronaldo et al; save the eponym; Christiane Kuhl on breast MRI

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The group stages of the Champions League got underway this week, and a musculoskeletal radiologist with expert knowledge of sports injuries believes important lessons can be learned from examinations performed on Europe's top players, such as Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid.

Dr. Justin Lee, from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London, has some practical tips and guidance on imaging muscle injuries in footballers. To read more, go to our MRI Digital Community, or click here.

Medical eponyms comprise any word whose name is derived from a person, and there are at least several thousand of them. Our regular columnist Dr. Paul McCoubrie is a big fan of eponyms and is convinced it would be wrong to abandon them. He explains why here.

Dr. Christiane Kuhl from the University of Aachen in Germany holds some passionate views on breast MRI, and is a tremendous speaker. We caught up with her at a meeting in San Francisco. To discover what she had to say, visit our Women's Imaging Digital Community, or click here.

It's quite rare for an imaging department to be named after an individual, but Dr. Robert Steiner was somebody who was given that accolade. He died last week, and Dr. Adrian Thomas reflects on Steiner's life, particularly his contribution to cardiac imaging. Get the story here.

The Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiative's Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing for Imaging (XDS-I) integration profile supports image and report sharing between hospitals, but privacy concerns limit its use in the cloud. Portuguese researchers may have found a solution. Learn more here.

In a new study from Spain, many in situ malignancies and calcification patterns were found among women who had prior false positives on mammography screening. The findings underline the importance of encouraging women with false-positive results to undergo regular screening. Click here for more details.

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