MR Solutions to launch 2 preclinical systems

MR Solutions plans to launch cryogen-free, 3-tesla MRI/PET and 3-tesla MRI/SPECT systems for preclinical imaging this week.

To provide the SPECT images, the company has devised a system in which three gamma camera heads and focusing collimator can be clipped to the front of the bore of an MRI unit to provide 3D SPECT images.

SPECT images can be registered with the MR images, providing anatomical-functional combined capability. The SPECT gamma camera can also be used on its own.

The PET capability is provided by new solid-state detectors and application-specific integration circuit (ASIC) technology, which is incorporated in the bore of the MRI system.

The debuts will come in Savannah, Georgia, in the U.S. at the World Molecular Imaging Conference (WMIC), which begins September 18.

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