Litigation continues between ContextVision and Sapheneia

A Swedish appeals court has granted medical image enhancement and analysis developer ContextVision the right to appeal an unfavorable ruling by a lower court in its litigation with software developer Sapheneia.

The court of appeal overturned a previous decision by a district court made in June 2012, in which ContextVision was ordered to reimburse Sapheneia for its legal and procedural costs in the amount of 3.9 million Swedish kronor (442,000 euros at the time).

The court also ordered Sapheneia to submit substantial documentation and materials within five weeks to the court in accordance with a request by ContextVision. This material includes relevant software specifications, coding, parameter files, original images, and other documentation relating to products involved in the litigation.

Sapheneia was formed by former employees of ContextVision who left the firm in 2006. ContextVision contends that its former employees used its trade secrets and infringed upon some of its copyrights.

No court date has been set for the main hearing of the appeal.

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