Positive experiences of CAD; low-dose CT & calcium scores; optimizing knee MRI

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Integrating all possible information into computer-aided diagnosis (CADx) systems can bring impressive results, according to new research from a top university hospital in Germany. Based on computerized image analysis alone, a system developed under the German Theseus-Medico project outperformed radiologists in discriminating liver lesions, a team from Erlangen told delegates at RSNA 2012.

To read more about their experiences, go to our Advanced Visualization Digital Community, or click here.

During the same congress, a group from Utrecht, the Netherlands, presented some important work about the reliability of low-dose coronary artery calcium scores applied to CT data. You can get the story in our Cardiac Imaging Digital Community, or by clicking here.

A torn cartilage in the knee is a common, debilitating injury among athletes who take part in contact sports. Italian researchers have taken a new look at how best to use MRI in these patients, and they've published their findings in the European Journal of Radiology. Visit our MRI Digital Community, or click here.

Sales of Apple iPad devices continue to soar, but are they merely toys? Radiologists from the world-famous Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston advise caution, but they think iPads do have clinical value in certain areas, including the diagnosis of pneumothorax on chest radiographs. To learn more, click here.

Finally, it's that time for New Year's resolutions, and if you don't already visit our ever-popular Case of the Week section, you should consider doing so throughout 2013! This week's case comes from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, U.K., and it features a 48-year-old man with progressive lower back pain following a T2 complete cord injury. Click here to access this and other reports.

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