ESC unveils new data on heart disease in China

Half of male physicians in China smoke. That's one of many statistics revealed by the European Society of Cardiology (ESC), which is participating in the Great Wall International Cardiology Conference and Asia Pacific Heart Congress, being held in Beijing from 11 October to 14 October.

Every year 3 million Chinese people die from cardiovascular disease (CVD), and every 10 seconds there is one death from CVD in China, according to Dr. Dayi Hu, chief of the Heart Center at the People's Hospital, Peking University and president of the Chinese Society of Cardiology.

Smoking is a huge problem in Chinese men, 54% of whom smoke, Hu said. One-third of Chinese male cardiologists are smokers.

On 13 October, ESC will present a full day of scientific sessions at the conference as part of its Global Scientific Activities program, the ESC said.

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