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(Booth 6210) Barco of Kortrijk, Belgium, will showcase a variety of diagnostic and clinical review displays for use in multimodality, surgical, and endoscopic imaging.

2008 10 31 11 04 26 530 Barco Med 2008Leading the pack is Barco's Coronis Fusion 6MP DL diagnostic display system for multimodality PACS imaging. The display includes a 30-inch color LCD that can be used either as two seamless 3-megapixel heads or as one widescreen 6-megapixel display for radiologists to read chest x-ray, CT, MR, cath, and echocardiogram images, or any other combination, side by side on a single diagnostic screen.

Barco's Coronis 5MP Mammo offers high-resolution grayscale images with high contrast, courtesy of the company's per pixel uniformity technology, which produces "pixel-perfect" images without screen noise to obscure subtle details. Equipped with Barco's DuraLight backlight technology, Coronis 5MP is designed to last longer than conventional displays.

Barco's MDSC line of surgical displays are designed for endoscopic cameras, room and boom cameras, ultrasound, PACS, and patient information applications. The MDSC products are available in 19- and 24-inch widescreen formats and are geared for integrated operating rooms that want high image quality, reliability, and stability.

Barco also will show its HD series of high-definition flat-panel displays, 42- or 47-inch screens designed to show nurses, surgeons, and anesthesiologists artifact-free images on a larger screen, including endoscopic video, radiology images, room and boom camera video, surgery information, and patient records.

In addition, the company will demonstrate its TDRS-7201 product for real-time image reconstruction that uses the latest GPU technology to improve the speed and accuracy of CT image acquisition.

Finally, Barco will unveil its MDRC line of clinical review displays, designed to provide DICOM-compliant medical images and patient information outside of the radiology department for visualizing PACS, cardiac, orthopedic, dental, or pathology content, along with data from electronic medical record, HIS, or RIS applications.

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