Top poster prizewinners enjoy the moment at RSNA 2019

2019 12 02 18 01 2160 Rsna 2019 Hallway 400

Research groups across the globe were celebrating on Wednesday afternoon at RSNA 2019, when the 28 winners of the prestigious magna cum laude awards were unveiled. Recreational drug use, 3D printing, bariatric surgery, and MR elastography of the brain were among the prizewinning topics.

The following is a list of the award winners (lead authors only):

  • Trials and tribulations in the early implementation of an abbreviated screening breast MR program
    Dr. Samantha Zuckerman, University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine, Philadelphia
  • Collecting pearls: An interactive review of breast cancer staging
    Dr. Brian Jiang, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston
  • Pre- and postprocedural imaging of left atrial appendage closure devices with CT
    Dr. Praveen Ranganath, University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas
  • Noninfectious granulomatous lung disease: Organizing the pieces of the puzzle
    Dr. Tomás Franquet, Hospital de Sant Pau, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), Barcelona, Spain
  • Pitfalls in interpreting CT pulmonary angiograms
    Dr. Ariadne DeSimone, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston
  • The perilous pancreas: A multimodality review of pancreatic trauma
    Dr. A.R. Ayoob, Boston University, Boston
  • Pancreas in hereditary syndromes: Cross-sectional imaging spectrum
    Dr. Suryakala Buddha, University of Texas (UT) Health San Antonio, San Antonio
  • The whole spine yards: A review of pediatric spine trauma
    Dr. Devanshi Mistry, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY
  • Dealing with the epidemic: A review of the abdominal imaging findings of recreational drug use
    Dr. Joseph Mansour, Saint Louis University, St Louis, MO
  • Bariatric surgery reduced to simple terms
    Dr. Luísa Leitão de Faria, University of São Paulo Medical School, São Paulo
  • Learning to ride the wave: An interactive review of the pitfalls in MR elastography
    Dr. Chenyang Zhan, PhD, NYU Langone Health, New York City
  • Animated encounters with patients in radiology: The next frontier of patient empowerment
    Dr. Ruhani Doda Khera, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
  • Anatomy, imaging, and pathology of the acromioclavicular joint
    Dr. Dyan Flores, Philippine Orthopedic Center, Quezon City, Philippines
  • 3D-printed patient-specific surgical cutting guides based on CT-derived anatomic meshes
    Amy Alexander, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • Gamuts in advanced MRI for soft-tissue lesions assessment: The added value of functional imaging
    Dr. T. Martín Noguerol, HT Health Time, Jaén, Spain
  • Interventional musculoskeletal ultrasound techniques: A review
    Dr. Junzi Shi, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston
  • Musculoskeletal manifestations of HIV infection: A pictorial review
    Dr. Hanna Tomsan, Mercy Catholic Medical Center, Philadelphia
  • Multisystem and multimodal review of sarcoid: The master mimicker
    Austin Jameson, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati
  • How to identify cervical traumatic neuromas in the postoperative neck dissection: A brief review of the cervical plexus ultrasound
    Dr. V.N. Marcos, Cancer Institute of the State of São Paulo/Medical School of the University of São Paulo, São Paulo
  • Finding the target for therapy with imaging: A comprehensive review of (re)emerging theranostic approach in nuclear medicine
    Dr. José Flávio Gomes Marin, Hospital Sírio-Libanês, São Paulo
  • Brain: Magnetic resonance elastography
    Dr. Safa Hoodeshenas, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
  • Navigation map for head and neck cancer: Anatomical routes of tumor spread at the crossroads of the neck
    Dr. Hirofumi Kuno, PhD, National Cancer Center Hospital East, Kashiwa, Japan
  • Cerebral perfusion imaging A to Z: Theory, implementation, and clinical cases
    Dr. Amit Desai, NYU Langone Health, New York City
  • Opening up the ovary: A multimodality approach to imaging ovarian neoplasms with pathology correlation
    Dr. Erin Taylor, Yale School of Medicine, New Haven, CT
  • Pediatric systemic vasculitis: Tips for diagnosis
    Dr. Emilio José Inarejos Clemente, Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Barcelona, Spain
  • Contrast-enhanced spectral mammography (CESM): How does it work?
    William Sensakovic, PhD, Mayo Clinic, Phoenix
  • A cutting-edge concept of the retroperitoneal anatomy around the ureter
    Dr. Saya Horiuchi, St. Luke's International Hospital, Tokyo
  • Imaging of genitourinary tuberculosis
    Dr. Muhammad Naeem, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis
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