EMA releases draft of regulatory science strategy to 2025

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has published a proposed plan covering its future efforts in regulatory science -- including for contrast agents -- through 2025.

The regulatory science strategy to 2025 is designed to promote adaptability in light of innovation in human and veterinary medicine, noted EMA Executive Director Guido Rasi. There are five key components to the plan:

  • Sparking the integration of science and technology in medical progress
  • Improving the quality of scientific research through collaboration
  • Partnering with healthcare institutions to increase patient access to medicine
  • Confronting health threats
  • Supporting research and innovation in regulatory science

Having incorporated feedback from two EMA workshops, the agency has now opened the proposed plan to a six-month public review. The final plan will offer guidelines on the development of medicines, help optimize regulatory science, and evaluate the benefits and risks of new therapies and diagnostic techniques, according to the EMA.

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