NHS Scotland moves to recruit radiologists

The National Health Service (NHS) Scotland has launched a plan to address its shortage of radiologists with an international recruiting drive to fill 32 vacancies for imaging physicians.

In an effort announced on 12 February, NHS Scotland said nine Scottish Health Boards had teamed up to fill the vacancies through global advertising. The campaign plans to advertise in Western Europe, India, Australia, the U.S., and Canada, and plans to highlight the benefits of living in Scotland and working for the NHS.

The new campaign drew the approval of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR), which has been warning of a severe shortage of radiologists in Scotland for the past year. The shortage has resulted in delays in diagnosis for patients that are a month or longer, the RCR said.

The RCR immediately praised this week's announcement.

"The RCR fully supports this much-needed international drive to boost radiologist numbers," said Dr. Grant Baxter, chair of the RCR's Standing Scottish Committee. "Overseas radiologists tell us they love working in the U.K. because of the camaraderie, clinical and learning opportunities they are exposed to in the NHS, and the Scottish health system has a lot to offer incoming doctors."

More information on the recruiting drive is available by clicking here.

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