Ultrahigh-field MR event set for 2018

The Max Delbruck Center for Molecular Medicine and the Berlin Ultrahigh Field Facility (BUFF) again will host the annual Scientific Symposium on Clinical Needs, Research Promises and Technical Solutions in Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance.

The 9th annual symposium will take place later than usual during the year -- the 2018 event has been scheduled for 14 September in Berlin.

Organizers plan to provide an overview of state-of-the-art clinical and preclinical ultrahigh-field (UHF) MR, discuss the clinical relevance of UHF MR, explore future directions of the modality, and promote local, regional, national, and international collaboration.

The symposium's scientific program features four sessions that will include both technical developments and clinical applications across a myriad of disciplines, as well as a poster session. In addition, a technical exhibition and social event will be held at the BUFF.

For parents attending the event, professional childcare will be available during the symposium and the BUFF events.

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