RCR reaffirms position on imaging reporting IDs

The U.K. Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) has reaffirmed its position on the need to properly record the identity of healthcare professionals who report imaging investigations.

The RCR said it acted to reaffirm its Standards for the Reporting and Interpretation of Imaging Investigations in response to the proliferation of organizations providing imaging reporting services and the growth in outsourcing of such services.

The RCR noted it firmly believes:

  • All those who formally interpret imaging investigations must identify their name, professional status, grade, position, and registration number when recording their interpretation of an imaging investigation.
  • This identification process is an essential part of the standard of record keeping needed for effective patient care.
  • There must be a reliable mechanism in place whereby the referring doctor can discuss the imaging findings in more detail with the radiologist or other individual who has reported the examination in order to better understand the implications and reliability of the findings, or to provide further clinical information that may affect the interpretation.
  • Legislation requires that where imaging involves ionizing radiation, a formal interpretation should occur and be recorded.
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