HIMSS Europe names new board members

HIMSS Europe said three new board members of the HIMSS Europe Governing Council started on 1 July.

Pilar Raro-Garnes, Michiel Sprenger, PhD, and Dr. Philippe Kolh, PhD, will serve a three-year term until 30 June 2017, according to HIMSS Europe.

Raro-Garnes currently works as IT project director at the Hospital La Fe in Valencia, Spain, while Sprenger serves as senior policy adviser at the Netherlands' National IT Institute in Healthcare. Kohl, a cardiovascular surgeon, has been both chief information officer and chairman of the department of medicoeconomic information at the University Hospital of Liège in Belgium since 2005, HIMSS Europe said.

The three new board members succeed Angela Dunbar, Dr. Christian Lovis, and Karina Tellinger.

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