Imaging community prepares for #WorldDenseBreastDay (DBI) is getting ready to hold the second annual #WorldDenseBreastDay on 27 September.

The event will be a 24-hour social media education marathon that the nonprofit education group hopes will further educate women about the risk breast density poses for developing breast cancer, as well as about a new rule to be implemented by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that will require imaging facilities to report breast density to patients being screened. It will also highlight recommendations by the European Society of Breast Imaging on European women being informed about their breast density.

Site leaders said the social media campaign aims to reach tens of thousands of patients, health providers, and health organizations around the world. The inaugural campaign in 2022 engaged participants in 37 countries with over 8.6 million posts read, according to the site.

DBI said over 100 social media posts in both English and Spanish will kick off the day, beginning at midnight, Eastern time in the U.S. and will run for 24 hours. The posts will include links to educational tools on the DBI website addressing what breast density is, why it matters, and screening options for women with dense breasts.

The site encourages medical providers, health organizations, researchers, and the general public to participate.

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