Irish court settles alleged negligence claim over screening

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A woman whose lawsuit claimed a breast cancer screening mobile unit was negligent has lost her High Court claim, according to a report in the Irish Examiner article posted on 29 May.

In Siobhan Freeney's lawsuit, she alleged that there was a failure to refer her for further assessment including ultrasound examination on 17 June 2015 after her screening mammogram. She also said there was alleged failure to advise, treat, and care for her in a proper skillful, diligent, and careful manner. In addition, she claimed there was an alleged failure to use reasonable care, skill, and judgment when reviewing her mammogram.

However, High Court Justice Niamh Hyland said Freeney's cancer was a true interval cancer -- it showed normal or benign features in the screening mammogram and thus reporting the mammogram as normal was not negligent.

Furthermore, the mobile screening unit acted appropriately in not identifying Freeney for clinical recall following her June 2015 screening.

The party responsible for paying the substantial legal costs of the 12-day hearing and two days at remote hearing will be decided at a later date, according to the article.

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