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Groin injuries are a constant, nagging concern for every elite athlete. Often the healing process requires several weeks of rest, and that means lost opportunities and income.

To mark the start of the new football season across Europe, we've posted a report about a comprehensive study of groin pain in professional footballers in Russia, which will host the World Cup next June. Dr. Valentin Sinitsyn, president of ECR 2014 and an active member of our editorial advisory board, was the lead author, and he agreed to share his clinical images with us. Go to the MRI Community, or click here.

In other news, Spanish researchers have found that digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) is trustworthy for screening, and it can replace full-field digital mammography, overcoming that technology's limitations when it comes to dense breast tissue. Visit the Women's Imaging Community, or click here.

Engage with trainees early on and be enthusiastic about a career in breast radiology. That's the main advice to come out of a large survey conducted by U.K. researchers. What were their other findings? Get the full details here.

Europeans have extensive experience and knowledge of coronary artery calcium scoring with CT, and the world-famous Rotterdam Study and the Heinz Nixdorf Recall Study had nearly 5,000 participants alone. U.S. researchers have compared their analysis with that of their European colleagues. Learn more in the CT Community, or click here.

Since was established in early 2011, the Maverinck has tackled a diverse range of weighty, complex issues. But to entertain you during the holiday month of August, he's written a short story with a simple message. Click here to read it. And I hope you enjoy the rest of what remains of our glorious summer.

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