Despite x-ray patent suit, DRGEM marches forward

South Korean digital radiography (DR) manufacturer DRGEM issued a statement saying it disagrees with the jury's verdict in its patent infringement lawsuit with Spanish x-ray developer Sociedad Espa├▒ola de Electromedicina y Calidad (Sedecal) and is working to have the decision overturned.

The jury's decision will have no effect on DRGEM's ongoing U.S. business operations, the company said. Six months before the trial began -- in July of 2015 -- DRGEM stopped importing the allegedly infringing high-voltage transformer at issue. All DRGEM x-ray generator products now sold in the U.S. include a new transformer design, which has never been accused of infringing any patent, including the Sedecal patent, according to the firm.

"DRGEM is ready and able to continue providing superior quality x-ray equipment which incorporates its innovative and new transformer design to customers in the U.S.," DRGEM added.

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