When Irish eyes are not smiling
October 4, 2017 -- Radiologists are falling short when it comes to taking care of their own eyes, Irish researchers have found. Too few of them take adequate breaks, have regular eye tests, and wear protective goggles for fluoroscopy examinations.  Discuss
Painting the floors white
September 13, 2017 -- Dirty cups and a cluttered desk don't reflect well on an individual's competence and hygiene standards. And it's also demoralizing for everyone, Dr. Paul McCoubrie warns. He's convinced simple changes can boost productivity and quality.  Discuss
PACS upgrades can be a rocky road
September 12, 2017 -- Radiologists need to be early birds for optimal PACS upgrades, and this means voicing their frustrations with the current systems, getting a headstart, and communicating directly with suppliers in person rather than leaving it to managers, according to an experienced practitioner.  Discuss
Why Europeans must care more about AI, machine learning
September 6, 2017 -- In this digital era, new types of businesses related to artificial intelligence (AI) are emerging in several areas of healthcare. Radiologists, in particular, are vulnerable to the growth of automation, write Drs. Sergey Morozov and Erik Ranschaert.  Discuss
Ortho surgeons benefit from using iPads to view images
August 29, 2017 -- Orthopedic surgeons can significantly improve their workflow by using an iPad for mobile image access, performing consultations on challenging cases with colleagues, and communicating imaging findings to patients, German researchers reported.  Discuss
Is enterprise imaging on a slow road to mediocrity?
August 29, 2017 -- The evolution of the imaging IT market over the past decade has been messy. Previously clear definitions for PACS and RIS have become blurred, and many people have struggled to keep up. Market columnist Stephen Holloway offers his view of the road ahead in Europe and beyond.  Discuss
Big data, AI look set to come under scrutiny at ECR 2018
August 28, 2017 -- Big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and radiomics will be among the hot topics at ECR 2018. The meeting is only six months away, and ESR President Dr. Bernd Hamm looks ahead to the central themes on the agenda for Vienna.  Discuss
WhatsApp works well for pediatric ortho trauma
July 27, 2017 -- Researchers in Israel are finding new clinical uses for WhatsApp, the popular global text messaging platform. Reading images sent to smartphones via WhatsApp showed good agreement with the same images being read on a PACS workstation for pediatric orthopedic surgeons, according to a new study in Pediatric Emergency Care.  Discuss
3 things European radiology IT needs to get right
July 26, 2017 -- A pan-European healthcare IT network remains a distant dream, but change is coming. In his latest column, Stephen Holloway looks at how the radiology IT landscape is undergoing a transformation.  Discuss
Low CT productivity from 8 to 9 a.m. needs attention
July 25, 2017 -- There's plenty of slack in imaging departments at the start of the working day and also on Fridays. That's the main finding of a detailed analysis of CT productivity at a large university hospital, but simple changes in staffing and workflow practices can lead to major improvements.  Discuss