3D printing reconstructs skull of prehistoric reptile
January 8, 2019 -- Researchers from the U.K. have created a 3D-printed skull based on the micro-CT scans of a 200 million-year-old fossil of a rare marine reptile, according to an article published online on 8 January by PeerJ.
Portugal, Norway collaborate on robotic 3D printer
January 7, 2019 -- Researchers from Portugal and Norway have built a large-scale robotic 3D printer capable of producing metal parts from all angles.
French take 'cautious' approach to medical 3D printing
January 7, 2019 -- The implementation of 3D printing in healthcare has been relatively slow in France, though there is promise for growth in the area of 3D-printed medical devices, according to an article by 3Dprint.com.
French radiology responds strongly to 'disdainful' criticism
January 3, 2019 -- France's National Council of Radiology has reacted angrily to a series of negative comments made about the profession by an expert in infectious diseases. The remarks were made in a recent editorial in the weekly political and news magazine Le Point.  Discuss
AR enhances visualization of shoulder joint for surgery
January 2, 2019 -- Researchers from France have developed a new technique that uses augmented reality (AR) images based on CT scans to improve visualization preoperatively and intraoperatively for shoulder replacement surgery, according to an article published online in Orthopaedics and Traumatology: Surgery and Research.  Discuss
Virtual reality may identify early risk of Alzheimer's
December 19, 2018 -- Researchers from the U.K. have developed a virtual reality navigational skills test that may pinpoint individuals likely to be affected by Alzheimer's disease earlier than has been possible with standard detection techniques, according to a 16 December article in the U.K. newspaper the Observer.
Adding CAD to DBT can cut reading time by 14%
December 18, 2018 -- The addition of computer-aided detection (CAD) to digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) interpretation can reduce reading time by 14% -- for both beginner and experienced readers, according to a study published online on 13 December in European Radiology.  Discuss
NHS Wales open to embracing medical 3D printing
December 10, 2018 -- The National Health Service (NHS) Wales has welcomed a report from the Royal College of Surgeons urging the health service to expand its support for medical 3D printing, according to an article by BBC News.
Strasbourg team gazes into future of image-guided surgery
December 6, 2018 -- Virtual reality and augmented reality technologies can help overcome many of the current challenges facing liver surgery and, ultimately, may optimize decision-making and treatment planning, according to new research from a leading French facility.  Discuss
US/MRI fusion software enhances prostate biopsies
December 6, 2018 -- Software that fuses ultrasound and MRI images for guidance of prostate biopsies can help surgeons find clinically significant prostate cancers that would have otherwise been missed, according to research published on 6 December in European Urology.  Discuss
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