Video from ECR 2019: Elmar Kotter on AI and radiology
March 3, 2019 -- VIENNA - When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), what are the main challenges and ethical considerations from a radiologist's perspective? Is the clinical validation of AI still lacking? What's the radiologist's role after integrating AI? Dr. Elmar Kotter from Freiburg, Germany, provides some answers.  Discuss
Deep-learning MRI algorithm aids in neurological diagnoses
March 2, 2019 -- VIENNA - A newly developed deep-learning algorithm has shown promising results in the automated diagnosis of several neurological diseases based on routine MRI scans, according to a study presented at ECR 2019.  Discuss
CT system developers utilize AI to boost patient care
March 2, 2019 -- Disease detection with CT has benefited greatly from advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) software during the past year. To make the case at the ECR 2019 technical exhibition, many vendors are dedicating their CT booth presentations to the integration of AI into the modality. The rewards for patient care are visible for all delegates to see during this week's congress.  Discuss
AI algorithm predicts glioblastoma patient survival
March 1, 2019 -- VIENNA - An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm shows promise for helping radiologists predict progression-free survival in patients with glioblastoma based on the analysis of postoperative MRI scans, according to a presentation on Friday at ECR 2019.  Discuss
GE focuses on artificial intelligence at ECR 2019
March 1, 2019 -- VIENNA - New advances in artificial intelligence (AI) -- including a partnership with the European Society of Radiology to highlight AI applications in radiology this week -- are among the highlights in the booth of GE Healthcare at ECR 2019.  Discuss
AI dominates at ECR 2019's technical exhibition
March 1, 2019 -- In the exhibition area at ECR 2019, artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere. Unsurprisingly, it is the dominant theme at this year's congress. In addition to new applications for enhancing radiology workflow and image processing, notable industry trends include the ongoing development of software platforms designed to make it easier for medical imaging professionals to adopt AI in clinical practice.  Discuss
AI-based CAD software improves breast cancer detection
February 28, 2019 -- VIENNA - Computer-aided detection (CAD) software based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology can help radiologists of all levels of experience detect more breast cancers and improve accuracy, according to research presented on Thursday at ECR 2019.  Discuss
AI enables real-time patient dose estimates on CT exams
February 27, 2019 -- VIENNA - An artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm can provide real-time, patient-specific radiation dose estimates on single- or dual-source CT studies at an accuracy approaching the level of Monte Carlo simulations, according to a presentation on Wednesday at ECR 2019.  Discuss
AI predicts ovarian cancer survival on CT scans
February 15, 2019 -- Researchers from the U.K. and Australia have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm capable of predicting the survival rate of patients with ovarian cancer by analyzing their contrast-enhanced CT scans, according to an article published online on 15 February in Nature Communications.  Discuss
Meet the winners of the 2019 EuroMinnies
February 12, 2019 -- After two rounds of voting and much careful deliberation, the expert panel for the inaugural edition of the EuroMinnies awards has decided on the winners in eight categories. Find out who the judges have selected in's campaign to recognize the best and brightest in European medical imaging.  Discuss