Spanish find key to success in liver transplant cases
August 26, 2019 -- Early detection of vascular complications of liver transplantation is vital to establish effective treatment, and this can determine the outcome of transplantation, patient mortality, and morbidity, according to an experienced group of gastrointestinal and abdominal imaging specialists from Valencia, Spain.  Discuss
Swiss make clinical use of cinematic rendering
August 23, 2019 -- The highly detailed, photorealistic appearance of cinematic rendering reconstructions makes it ideal for teaching, according to a team of researchers from Zurich. They have used cinematic rendering to create images of head CT and conebeam CT scans, and have integrated them into the evaluation of maxillofacial anatomy and pathology.  Discuss
Radiology business intelligence takes root in Europe
August 21, 2019 -- Which factors are influencing the adoption of new business intelligence tools that aim to provide more focused analytics to help improve performance and profitability? Industry expert Ulrik Kristensen, PhD, addresses this key question in the next phase of digitalizing medical imaging.  Discuss
Neurosurgery gets boost from 3D-printed head model
August 16, 2019 -- An Australian team has devised a 3D-printed head model that enables the realistic simulation of neurosurgical procedures. The technique is based on a combination of MRI and CT angiography scans, and it is described in an online report posted on 1 August by 3D Printing in Medicine.  Discuss
Kumovis launches 3D printer for medical devices
August 13, 2019 -- German medical 3D printing startup Kumovis has made available its R1 medical 3D printer for patient-specific medical devices, according to an article on
Holographic lenses focus ultrasound for brain imaging
August 8, 2019 -- Better brain imaging, or even drug delivery, may be feasible due to the pioneering work of Spanish researchers. They have developed a technique for 3D printing holographic lenses that focus ultrasonic sound waves in the brain.  Discuss
3D-printed bionic prosthesis restores arm movement
August 8, 2019 -- Researchers from Germany have created a 3D-printed bionic prosthetic arm for a man born without a hand and most of his left arm, according to a case study presented on
Axial3D raises 2.7M euros to expand 3D printing services to U.S.
July 29, 2019 -- U.K.-based 3D printing firm Axial3D has raised 2.69 million euros to extend its 3D printing technology and services to healthcare institutions across the U.S.
Hungary invests nearly 1M euros in medical 3D printing
July 23, 2019 -- The University of Szeged in Hungary will use an investment of 300 million forints (922,000 euros), co-funded by the European Union, to develop a new medical 3D printing center, according to a recent article on
WASP offers free software for 3D printing medical devices
July 23, 2019 -- Italian 3D printer manufacturer World's Advanced Saving Project (WASP) is offering a free add-on to 3D modeling software that enables users to create 3D-printed orthopedic devices based on medical images.
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