ECR 2018 News
Questions, dilemmas abound in fast-moving world of trauma imaging
March 4, 2018 -- Time is of the essence when it comes to polytrauma, yet numerous questions arise about how and who should be scanned and for which conditions. For a trauma team, making the right imaging decisions for patients with severe injuries can be complex and a matter of life and death. Trauma specialists shared their experiences at today's session at ECR 2018.  Discuss
Failure to diagnose abdominal bleeds often means bad outcome
March 4, 2018 -- In vascular abdominal emergencies, patient status can degenerate quickly, so time is of the essence. CT is pivotal for fast and appropriate triage of patients and selection of the best treatment strategy. But what if the really important signs and symptoms are small and hidden? New technologies are helping to provide the answers.  Discuss
New treatment strategies give hope to patients with MSK tumors
March 4, 2018 -- In today's Special Focus Session, experts provided an update on imaging modalities, treatment strategies, and therapy monitoring in patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) tumors, aiming to raise awareness of how multimodality imaging can influence therapeutic balancing between tumor control and quality of life.  Discuss
Evidence-based medicine 'misused' in breast MRI
March 3, 2018 -- VIENNA - During a refresher course at ECR 2018, breast MRI expert Dr. Christiane Kuhl said the principles of evidence-based medicine have been misused in the case of preoperative breast MRI, and that's part of the reason why the modality hasn't been adopted more widely by the surgical community.  Discuss
Augmented reality may help guide facet joint injections
March 3, 2018 -- VIENNA - Augmented reality technology could potentially be used to guide injections of the lumbar facet joint, saving time and avoiding radiation dose exposure for radiologists, according to research presented on Saturday at ECR 2018.  Discuss
New Logiq E10 ultrasound scanner paces GE ECR launches
March 3, 2018 -- VIENNA - A flagship ultrasound scanner optimized for the coming age of artificial intelligence, as well as a CT scanner designed to simplify dual-energy scanning, are among the new product introductions in the booth of GE Healthcare at ECR.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2018: Thomas Beyer on hybrid imaging
March 3, 2018 -- VIENNA - The successful clinical implementation of hybrid imaging in Europe still appears to be a long way off. Major challenges remain, particularly in terms of training and education and also the availability of equipment. Thomas Beyer, PhD, MBA, professor of physics of medical imaging at the Medical University of Vienna, speaks about an extensive new survey that sheds light on the issues to be resolved.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2018: Marijana Basta Nikolic on training
March 3, 2018 -- VIENNA - The Invest in the Youth scheme of the European Society of Radiology (ESR) celebrates its 15th anniversary at ECR 2018. One of its success stories, Dr. Marijana Basta Nikolic, a radiologist from Novi Sad, Serbia, explains what the project did for her. A former vice chair of the ESR's Radiology Trainees' Forum, she advises young radiologists about how to build their careers.  Discuss
Leave no invasive breast cancer behind by using MRI
March 3, 2018 -- VIENNA - Mammography and ultrasound underestimate 30% of disease in patients with invasive ductal carcinoma, according to research from Israel presented at ECR 2018. MRI overestimates the extent of disease, but at least no cancer is left behind.  Discuss
Facebook Live from ECR 2018: Day 4
March 3, 2018 -- Our video coverage of ECR 2018 wraps up with a final Facebook Live broadcast from the lounge of Austria Center Vienna on day 4 of the congress. Today's topics are Brexit and women's imaging, with a guest appearance by Rebekah Moan, associate editor of  Discuss