ECR 2017 News
Clinical trials to shed new light on preoperative breast MRI
March 5, 2017 -- Is breast MRI really diagnosing more false positives than mammography? What changes for preoperative breast MRI can be expected after the latest clinical trials? These are among the important unanswered questions in breast MRI that will be discussed at today's master class at ECR 2017.  Discuss
Brain maps aid understanding of human cognition
March 4, 2017 -- VIENNA - Detailed brain maps compiled from voxel-based morphometry of brain MR images can yield new insights into human cognition, including evidence that the hippocampus has an important role in executive function, according to a Saturday morning presentation at ECR 2017.  Discuss
No fairy godmothers: Radiologists must raise visibility
March 4, 2017 -- VIENNA - Radiologists have long been behind-the-scenes physicians, reading exams in darkened basements. But this paradigm isn't viable anymore in an age of increasingly competitive healthcare delivery, and radiologists must be proactive about boosting their visibility, according to a presentation on Friday at ECR 2017.  Discuss
ECR 2017 stands tall as showcase for product launches
March 4, 2017 -- VIENNA - The European Congress of Radiology in recent years has come into its own as a showcase for new launches of medical imaging products. ECR 2017 was no exception, with a variety of new scanner debuts in MRI, CT, and other modalities.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2017: Dr. Christiane Nyhsen on ultrasound cross-infection
March 4, 2017 -- VIENNA - Ultrasound scans are a major potential source of nosocomial infections and cross-infection. The European Society of Radiology's Working Group on Ultrasound has studied this topic closely. Dr. Christiane Nyhsen, from the Sunderland Royal Hospital in the U.K., provides an update and urges everybody to pay more attention to good practices in ultrasound.  Discuss
Video from ECR 2017: Shane Foley on radiography & radiology
March 4, 2017 -- VIENNA - ECR is well-known for its popular radiographers' sessions, but can it ever become the essential congress for Europe's many thousands of radiographers? Shane Foley, PhD, from the University College Dublin School of Medicine and Medical Science, gives his opinion and also outlines how to boost collaboration and teamwork among radiographers and radiologists.  Discuss
Chest CT with iterative recon achieves x-ray doses
March 4, 2017 -- VIENNA - Chest CT scans acquired at radiation doses as low as an x-ray showed lesions of all kinds conspicuously, using the latest dual-source CT scanner and iterative reconstruction. Individualized approaches tailored to specific lesion types cut the dose even further, researchers said on Friday at ECR 2017.  Discuss
Under stress: Radiologists embrace novel ways to tackle burnout
March 4, 2017 -- Increasing workloads are among the factors leading to a rise in burnout among radiologists. They are tackling more cases, interpreting more images, and under increased pressure not to make mistakes, notes Dr. Myriam Hunink, PhD, from the Erasmus University Medical Centre in the Netherlands. But there are many practical things radiologists can do to avoid burnout, according to experts.  Discuss
How radiology can find new roles in post-PACS, networked world
March 4, 2017 -- An unexpected consequence of PACS is that radiologists are increasingly sidelined by referring physicians, who can look at images to make a diagnosis and not even read the radiology report. This problem is confounded as physicians grow more specialized. Radiologists are in real danger if they don't change the way they work, according to Dr. Johan Van Goethem from Antwerp University Hospital in Belgium.  Discuss
Neural networks read mammograms as well as radiologists
March 3, 2017 -- VIENNA - Deep artificial neural networks can read mammograms as well as radiologists, according to research from Switzerland presented at ECR 2017 on Thursday. Neural networks can also be trained with a relatively small amount of data, the group found.  Discuss