By staff writers
March 1, 2017

Image display firm Barco has added a number of intuitive workflow features to support radiologists' reading of images.

Barco's new SpotView Invert adds to the current SpotView thechnology, which creates a focal spot in an image to highlight specific areas of interest in pediatric extremity images, breast calcifications, and chest images. With SpotView Invert, users can invert the grayscales and reverse whites and blacks inside the spot for enhanced detail.

Another new feature, SpotView Align, is designed to provide additional shapes, such as a bar or V shape, to segment an image for review. The bar shape is applicable across multiple studies or images to compare past and current mammograms. The V shape offers custom mammography screening and can be rotated to align with the chest wall in mammograms to help compare the symmetry of structures.

In addition, the new DimView feature reduces peripheral ambient light from auxiliary displays during reading sessions.

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