Yellow wristbands cause a stir at editorial meeting at ECR

By Philip Ward, staff writer
March 7, 2015

VIENNA - Emerging trends and new developments in medical imaging came under scrutiny at Friday's 5th annual editorial meeting at ECR 2015.

Editorial meeting of AuntMinnieEurope
Members of the Editorial Advisory Board discussed emerging trends and new developments in imaging at the annual editorial meeting at ECR 2015.

More than half of the Editorial Advisory Board attended the 90-minute session, including new members Dr. Soraya Robinson and Thomas Beyer, PhD, both from Vienna, as well as Dr. Gábor Forrai, PhD, from Budapest, Hungary. Dr. Bhavin Jankharia, former president of the Indian Radiological and Imaging Association, was a special guest at the meeting.

ECR 2015 yellow wristbands
The compulsory yellow wristbands for ECR 2015 delegates.

This event took place in the M Building in the Austria Center Vienna and helps determine the editorial content and focus for the year ahead. Among the topics that generated great interest were breast imaging, hybrid techniques and nuclear medicine, leadership in radiology, and teleradiology and outsourcing.

On a lighter note, the compulsory yellow wristbands for congress delegates caused widespread amusement. "I simply hate them. I am not at a rock concert or on holiday when I come to ECR," one attendee quipped.

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3/8/2015 2:46:36 PM
The stir was caused because the ribbons looked like the ones from WWII that were given to hebrews. You are probably aware of what happened there. I, for one, cannot forget that. No more konc-lager!

3/10/2015 4:15:17 AM
Philip W
I am very sorry about any offence and upset caused by my article. When I wrote it, I was not aware that the yellow wrist bands were similar to the ones used in World War Two. Philip Ward, Editor in Chief,

3/10/2015 5:22:42 AM
I hope that the organizing committee is aware of the mistake they made about these wrist bands. They also should at least provide an excuse to the radiological community with Hebrew background. Maybe a specific article on this topic could be valuable to ease the stir.

3/10/2015 2:52:51 PM
Dear colleagues,
I will never allow my grandfather's story about how difficult it was to hide his Hebrew friends in his house in my homeland during World War II to be forgotten. I am not the only one who thought of the Holocaust because of the wristbands. The idea of an apology is a good one.