The AI road to ECR with Bayer Digital Solutions

Overcoming barriers to AI in Radiology
For healthcare professionals and relevant decision makers.
The AI road to ECR with Bayer Digital Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) holds the promise to revolutionize radiology departments, from workflow optimization to improved patient outcomes[1,2]. Nevertheless, the implementation of AI in clinical practice has been lagging with multiple reasons being provided[3].

For us at Bayer, education is a key factor for the long-term success of AI in radiology. With this belief in mind, Bayer is proudly sponsoring the AI Theatre at ECR 2023 and the outstanding scientific sessions that will be held.

Furthermore, we at Bayer are delivering an ambitious program with sessions both in the AI Theatre and in the Calantic Digital Solutions booth (Expo 1 booth AI 01). Every day from 15:00 to 16:00 CET, in the AI Theatre, we will sponsor sessions with leading European Thought Leaders focusing on topics such as AI in cancer diagnosis and monitoring, AI in an emergency setting for Neuroradiology, Financing and purchasing AI and the regulatory and medical landscape of AI in Europe. In addition, from 16:00 to 17:00 CET we will host in the Calantic booth, AI journal clubs for deep dives on the scientific proof of select app vendors. Get a complete overview of Bayer Digital Solutions’ presence at ECR:
Glimpse the Future of a Radiology Clinic with Bayer at ECR 2023

While AI is an evolutionary driver, radiology continues to be a rapidly advancing and transformative field in medicine. The recent developments in medical imaging technology, emergence of new treatment options, and the perpetually increasing demand for diagnostic imaging puts radiology in the spotlight of modern medicine.

At the upcoming ECR 2023 in Vienna, we will introduce our theme of Reconstructing the Future of Radiology. In this context, we will present to you not just our full suite of current offerings, but we have also developed an immersive Experience Center where you can explore what a future radiology clinic could look like. You can select your patient, your modality, and your procedure of choice, and follow the journey of that patient throughout the futuristic radiology clinic from scheduling and registration through diagnosis and reporting. See for yourself how we at Bayer are a partner not just for today but for the future as well.
Knowledge is More Powerful Shared

One of the key benefits of gathering together at ECR is the opportunity to be informed and educated by leaders in the field, and engage in a dialogue that enables progress and furthers patient care. In addition to being the exclusive sponsor of the AI Theatre, we at Bayer plan to expand our role further with the introduction of our Radiology Academy to the ECR stage. We have prepared a full slate of symposia spanning a wide range of relevant topics including breast care, non-invasive cardiac imaging, individualizing doses across MR and CT, and future directions in liver disease. Radiology Academy is here to improve your access to knowledge and broaden the range of expertise available to you. Click here to see the full program offered by Bayer at ECR 2023.

Let us support you in expanding your knowledge – and your network – by engaging with radiology thought leaders not just at ECR, but at congresses, symposia, and other global and local events throughout the calendar year. Radiology Academy also offers an engaging digital library of resources for you to watch and read through at your convenience.
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