A new era is coming, enabling better health with transformative technology and AI innovations that will help you to simplify workflow and elevate your ability to deliver better patient care.
Revolution Apex Platform
Lead CT Now And Into The Future
This all-new CT platform offers the best of modern CT technology to provide versatile and unprecedented clinical solutions for your most challenging patients. With the choice of 40 mm, 80 mm and 160 mm of coverage, you can decide which system is right for you today and easily upgrade to more capability when you need it, so you can be ready for every future.
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Improving CT Image Quality
TrueFidelity’s deep-learning image reconstruction engine generates images to create outstanding detail, clarity, and texture, at low dose without any compromise.CT images are more than a radical, next-generation improvement; they are considered the gold standard of image quality for both single energy and spectral acquisition.
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Industry Fastest rotation time
Bringing Clarity to all Cardiac Cases
Revolution Apex Elite features the industry's fastest gantry rotational speed – 0.23 sec/rot* and best temporal resolution** – 19.5 msec with Snapshot Freeze 2.*** • With 160 mm whole heart coverage, Apex Elite delivers uncompromised 1-beat Cardiac for any heart rate and rhythm, even Atrial Fibrillation with superior image quality and lower radiation dose.
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Revolution Ascend
Thinks fast. Works even faster
Revolution Ascend makes the CT experience faster, more intuitive and more approachable, with the image quality you expect. A 75 cm wide-bore CT system with an AI-based workflow, smart user interface and cutting-edge technology, Revolution Ascend substantially simplifies, streamlines and automates the CT experience inside and outside the scan room.
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Revolution Frontier Gen 3
A high-end image chain now powered by AI
Elevated image quality with deep learning image reconstruction, improved work efficiency and consistency with AI-Based Auto positioning, and our Gemstone Spectral Imaging Pro, a breakthrough in spectral CT technology that makes clinical benefits of GSI routinely accessible for every day imaging.
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Effortless Workflow
Revolutionizing CT
from referral to report
Effortless Workflow: a new standard for CT with 66% reduction in clicks to execute scan, 56% time saving for scan setting and 21% time saving for entire exam time for a better autopositioning of the patient.
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*Performance numbers (highlighted) are the updated values for 0.23s/rotation.
**As demonstrated in mechanical and mathematical cardiac phantom testing.
*** Snapshot Freeze 2, in conjunction with 0.23 s/rotation gantry speed, provides a reduction in coronary motion artifacts that is equivalent to a 0.039s/rotation equivalent gantry rotation speed with effective temporal resolution of 19.5 msec.
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