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As PET/CT continues to grow into clinical areas outside of oncology,
we built Omni Legend from the ground up to harness the power of dBGO,
an innovative detector material with a small crystal size capable
of producing high resolution images and exceptional image quality.





The material at the core of the Omni Digital Detector takes PET/CT to the next level. Its high density and stopping power along with a 30 mm crystal depth make it possible to achieve an astronomical increase in NEMA sensitivity with up to 46 cps/kBq across a 32 cm axial field-of-view.2


It results in ultra-fast scanning.

Ultra-fast, 4-minute whole-body scan1 with excellent image quality.





High quality of 82Rb scans


This extreme rise in sensitivity goes beyond just providing for a higher quality image. Along with an exceptionally high NECR curve, it’s what may enable you to image high count rate tracers beyond FDG with the potential to increase the number of procedures your staff can execute, including procedures beyond oncology such as cardiac and neuro imaging.










Omni Legend and Precision DL are CE marked. Omni Legend is 510(k)-cleared by the U.S. FDA. Precision DL is 510(k)-pending with the U.S. FDA. Not available for sale in the United States. Any clinical image shown that was processed with Precision DL was obtained from an investigational device, limited by U.S. law to investigational use.

Sample clinical scan. Required scan time may vary.
Measurements follow NEMA NU 2-2018.




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