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Workflow efficiency is key to your Nuclear Medicine practice since it increases patient comfort and improves technologists' experience, enabling a rapid diagnosis as well as treatment.




With StarGuide, the workflow is fully automated. Swift Plan minimises interaction with the system considerably to just 2 clicks for a SPECT scan and 3 for a SPECT/CT scan:


• 1 for patient scan range marking
• 1 to start the Nuclear Medicine SPECT scan
• 1 for the CT scan if part of the protocol.


You can see for yourself the different steps required.






With Swift Plan, StarGuide provides:



User-friendly patient positioning
with an interactive table ruler




An intuitive display thanks to the gantry touch screen





An optimal detector position and table height using Optical Scout




Fast and secure detector movements utilising advanced robotics



StarGuide will become your user-friendly productivity enhancer with the integration of SmartConsole. It automates SPECT/CT reconstruction, simplifies complex hybrid protocols, optimises image quality with the latest reconstruction algorithms, allows operators to see images at the scanner console and enables physicians to review scans remotely.




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