Over the last 20 years, milestone innovations in diagnosis and treatment have transformed breast cancer care. Mammography screening programmes and 3D breast imaging have made earlier diagnosis a reality, RFID tags accurately guide surgeons to smaller tumours, and lesion markers enable targeted radiation therapy. Now, on the cusp of a digital revolution, breast cancer care has the potential to take another seismic step forward.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology represents the next breakthrough in the Breast Continuum of Care. 3DQuorum™ imaging technology, the latest Hologic innovation, utilises Genius AI™ powered analytics to uniquely reconstruct high-resolution tomosynthesis data to produce 6mm SmartSlices by highlighting clinically relevant regions of interest.

SmartSlices are designed to accelerate reading time by up to 15% by reducing the number of images to review, with no compromise in image quality, sensitivity, or accuracy contributing to overall cancer detection efficiency and workflow optimisation.1

Personalised screening

Supported by AI technologies, we see a future driven by personalised care and more targeted breast screening. As awareness of breast density as a risk factor for cancer grows, so does the need for accurate, more consistent analysis. The next-generation breast density assessment software uses machine learning to identify women at risk quickly and accurately. This enables clinicians to confidently customise personalised patient care decisions.

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1. Hologic Data on File Clinical Report: CSR-00116

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