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Our Breast Continuum of Care extends beyond product innovation, putting partnership at its core. That is because innovation rarely happens alone. It requires partnership between clinicians, scientists, engineers and technologists who share a vision for patient care and a goal to improve the survivability of breast cancer.

Continual collaboration

This spirit of collaboration has driven recent technological innovations, enabling radiologists and surgeons to work in an even more unified way. Our intraoperative imaging solutions allow breast specimens to be taken in the theatre and then sent digitally to the radiology department for verification instead of risking distortion of the specimen during transport.

It is a partnership that can drive extraordinary outcomes. We work with clinicians and patients to innovate and deliver a more comfortable mammogram, shorten procedure times, and deliver less invasive treatment options.

Our dedicated team of Breast Health specialists are on hand to assist our customers every step of the way providing technical, clinical, and commercial support. Even during the peak of the pandemic, our clinical application specialists were remotely connecting to hospitals to coach and support mammography and ultrasound teams through biopsy procedures, to ensure patients got the care they needed.

Underpinning this collaboration is Hologic Medical Education with a mission to improve patient care through scientific excellence and partnerships with the healthcare community.

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