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Since 1972, Ziehm Imaging has been a company of firsts. Our forward thinking has allowed us to be the mobile C-arm expert worldwide. We are ALWAYS AHEAD in helping you meet your individual goals: our portfolio offers answers to current challenges in the field of mobile imaging such as new areas of clinical application, optimal workflows, patient safety, and cost-effectiveness.

Thanks to the intraoperative use of our advanced systems, the accuracy of clinical outcomes can be improved, revision surgery rates significantly lowered and overall health expenditures reduced. The innovative use of our C-arms opens new clinical pathways and offers lower purchase and installation costs as well as a faster return on investment than fixed installed systems.

Shape your business success with the Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition1:

Extended vascular surgical

Specialized vascular workflows and innovative software features meet the needs of complex vascular procedures and consequently save precious time in the OR. Combined with excellent CMOS image quality, the system is a valuable contribution to any clinic's competitiveness and financial performance.

Advanced cardiac interventions

The high-end system is also suitable for minimally invasive cardiac procedures such as percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA), heart valve implantations and pacemaker interventions. With its small footprint, it supports efficient room utilization and exact results at manageable personnel costs.

Comprehensive mobile hybrid solution

This mobile device offers all the qualities needed to instantly convert conventional ORs into a hybrid room. It requires no modifications to the OR and is up and running in no time. Easy installation and reduced operating costs make the Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition an efficient, flexible and competitive hybrid solution.

Intraoperative 3D stent control

With its innovative 3D option, the combination of high-end 2D imaging and innovative 3D stent control in one system allows for optimized surgical techniques and increased efficiency. It reduces the need for postoperative CT scans, prevents revision surgeries, results in shorter hospital stays and delivers cost savings.
ALWAYS AHEAD with Ziehm Imaging —
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1 Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition represents a group of optional hardware and software that creates an option package on the device named Ziehm Vision RFD.
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