New research reveals what’s wrong with the radiology staff experience and how to fix it
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Research report: Radiology staff in focus
The subject of physician burnout – especially among radiologists – has been a major topic of discussion lately. What is less discussed is the staff experience of imaging technologists and administrators.
In our ongoing quest to understand the challenges of “the people behind the image,” Philips conducted a double-blind research study with 254 radiology techs and imaging directors in 4 countries: the US, Germany, France and UK.
What we found were significant levels of stress and burnout across all four countries – with what you might describe as “crisis levels” in some geographies.
RadiologyFocus 2019
Download our report to gain valuable insights about what issues are most challenging to this valuable group of professionals – and how we can begin to address them today.
Featured research insights include:
    Sources of stress and burnout
Communication and information gaps
Why techs aren’t getting the image right the first time
Confidence in technology mastery, and much more…
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