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Fusion Imaging can have an important impact in the management of patients along a care pathway, in all care areas, from diagnosis to treatment planning and guidance, to follow‑up.
Combining complementary information from different imaging modalities, Fusion can help increase your clinical confidence. It can also help improve patient experience, decreasing X‑ray exposure or reducing the invasiveness of some procedures, as in prostate biopsy guidance.
With the latest developments, the Fusion technique has become even more accurate, quick and easy to use, promoting its adoption in daily clinical routine.
V Nav US/MRI Fusion for targeted prostate biopsy guidance, IC5-9-D
V Nav US/CT Fusion for FLL study using CEUS, C1-6VN-D
V Nav US/CT Fusion with 3D GPS marker for RFA planning and guidance, C1-6VN-D
Still skeptical about Fusion?
Listen to the ‘Voice’ of clinical experts who experience Volume Navigation (V Nav) Fusion Imaging every day. Click below to watch the GE Ultrasound ‘Doc Talks’ sessions presented at ECR 2019, all using V Nav Fusion Imaging.
New Trends: Facet joint and other spine injections
Dr. David Wilson and Dr. Gina Allen (Oxford, UK) shared their long experience using V Nav Fusion Imaging for planning and guidance of MSK Interventional procedures with major focus on spine injections. Learn from this presentation, rich with tips and tricks, and a live case.
7 years experience - Why and how to perform MRI-US fusion guided prostate biopsies using GE V Nav?
Prof. Philippe Puech (Lille, France) shared his 7-years’ experience using V Nav Fusion Imaging for planning and guidance of targeted prostate biopsies. Highly educational lecture with a tips and tricks session working on a urological phantom.
A 6-year prospective evaluation of second-look US with Volume Navigation for MRI-detected additional breast lesions
Dr. Alfonso Fausto (Sienna, Italy) presented the background of his paper recently published in a peer‑to‑peer European journal. From Dr. Fausto study’s conclusions, ‘The use of V Nav US/MRI Fusion Imaging makes possible to detect a large number of additional breast lesions, occult at second-look US, and to biopsy a significant number of malignant lesions safely and irrespective of the distance from the skin or lesion position’.
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