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“The new SmartView 3D software allows us to work faster, with more precision increasing patient’s safety and comfort.”
Hugues BRAT, MD, interventional radiologist, Group 3R, Sion, Switzerland
Over the last few years, Dr. Brat has worked with GE Healthcare to develop software that increases safety, precision and speed across interventional procedures.
This collaboration resulted in the new SmartView™ 3D software now on Revolution Frontier with:
Easy guidance to the target with 3D Multi-Planar Reformats (MPR)
Intuitive and automated display of the needle position
Improved visualization to simplify complex procedures and minimize dose
SmartView 3D offers a true comfort to both radiologists and patients. In complex procedures, like for msk or oncology, patients are in a critical condition or in extreme pain.

With this software, a quick intervention is now possible without compromising precision or reliability.
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