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What if the acquisition speed of MR images could match the human physiology? GE HealthCare is proud to introduce Sonic DL™, a deep learning-based acquisition and reconstruction technique that can deliver astonishing new levels of acceleration resulting in significantly reduced scan time. Sonic DL™ is currently compatible with cardiac cine for rapid functional imaging as fast as 1 heart-beat per slice, in free-breathing or breath-hold! Do not miss the opportunity to scan cardiac MR at the speed of life.

Sonic DL™ Cine | Short Axis 1RR vs.
Conventional FIESTA Cine | Breathing Artifact

68-year-old patient with difficulty holding breath during exam. Short Axis Conventional FIESTA Cine shows breathing artifact. Sonic DL™ Cine shows better image quality without breathing artifact and 5x faster scan time.
Sonic DL™ Cine
Review DICOM images on Collective Minds Right Arrow
We could not miss the opportunity to be present at
the first in-person ESMRMB annual meeting since 2019!
We are excited to welcome you on our booth during the next ESMRMB conference in Basel (October 4-7).
Join us on Thursday October 5th for our sponsored lunch symposium “Advancing MRI: how to broaden clinical and technical horizons?” to hear about some of our ongoing developments.
> Learn more about Sonic DL™
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