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European introduction @ EANM 2020 Virtual, 22-30 October




Experts are predicting significant PET growth in oncology, neurology, and cardiology as well as development of new generation targeted tracers over the next few years, with PET procedures expected to grow by over 50%1.


To face this increasing trend, GE Healthcare invested in breakthrough digital PET technology with the latest in digital PET, diagnostic CT and advanced quantitative software, creating Discovery™ MI Gen 22 to both accelerate your research and enhance your clinical work.


What will the next generation of the world's first digital PET/CT provide for you and your practice?





Digital detectors


Designed for scalability from 15 cm FOV up to 30 cm FOV





High sensitivity


Engineered to achieve exceptional sensitivity per cm (cps/kBq/cm)





Motion correction


First-ever digital respiratory motion management







Up to two times improvement in PET quantitation accuracy (SUVmean) with Q.Clear




Would you like to hear more about the benefits of the new generation of PET/CT?






Discovery MI Gen 2 is engineered to reach an impressive 30 centimeters of axial coverage3 with resulting 30 cps/kBq NEMA sensitivity and paired with a diagnostic CT that allows deep learning reconstruction using a dedicated deep neural network to elaborate TrueFidelity™ CT images.





Interested in a personalised demonstration?


You can now book your demo and choose your preferred time to get insights about Discovery MI Gen 2.







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