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ICNC 2019 - Satellite Symposium

"It is now possible to measure absolute MBF and CFR on the CZT camera, it's incredible because results are really comparable to PET."
Dr. Alessia Gimelli, NRC institute, University of Pisa, Italy
Recent advancements in SPECT technology allow measurement of MBF and CFR and thus have made it possible to enhance the clinical value of nuclear cardiology.
Current SPECT MPI studies use the area of highest myocardial activity as a reference point for the rest of the perfusion study. If that reference point is also abnormal, it compromises the accuracy of the entire study. In addition, triple vessel disease (balanced ischemia) and microvascular disfunction don't always result in an abnormal MPI exam.
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The CZT-based multi-focal stationary acquisition enabled by the Discovery NM530c allows for expanded applications like MBF and CFR. These new solutions maintain SPECT's position as a primary diagnostic tool versus the competing modalities.
Hear from Dr. Gimelli's experience about how and why she calculates SPECT coronary flow reserve and myocardial blood flow.
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