Beirut: Radiology stands on the edge of the abyss
October 5, 2020 -- A special focus on Beirut was a highlight on the opening day of the Journées Francophones de Radiologie. The economic crash, COVID-19 pandemic, and August's huge port explosion have led to a mass exodus of radiologists and caused a crisis in the city's healthcare system. But some help is arriving, according to Dr. Tarek Smayra.  Discuss
Sardanelli's group gives verdict on breast screening
October 2, 2020 -- The influential Milan-based research group headed by Prof. Francesco Sardanelli has provided new analysis that screening mammography will be vital to preventing breast cancer deaths, even in the age of precision medicine. The team published its work on 25 September in Insights into Imaging.  Discuss
What's the best technique to visualize hepatic malignancies?
October 1, 2020 -- Both 3D volume rendering (VR) and maximum intensity projection (MIP) are clinically useful imaging modalities for visualizing complex liver anatomy, but 3D VR provides additional features absent from MIP, according to research posted in the European Journal of Radiology.  Discuss
Muscle measurements foretell liver resection morbidity
October 1, 2020 -- Measurements of muscle mass on preoperative CT scans can be used in liver cancer patients to help identify the presence of sarcopenia, a risk factor that's associated with worse short-term outcomes after liver resection, Italian researchers reported in a study published online on 23 September in JAMA Surgery.  Discuss
3D printing gives hope to patients with aortic stenosis
September 30, 2020 -- Using a customized 3D printing process and specialized inks, researchers have developed a novel technique for producing patient-specific aortic root models from CT scans. They think it will improve the planning of transcatheter aortic valve replacement procedures and reduce complications.  Discuss
Does reporting speed matter when it comes to errors?
September 29, 2020 -- Reporting speed appears to play less of a role in causing radiological errors than other human and technical factors, according to a new two-year study from a London teaching hospital. The findings were presented to RCR Digital 2020, the U.K. Royal College of Radiologists' (RCR) online learning program that runs from 21 September to 9 October.  Discuss
How to deal with a midlife crisis
September 29, 2020 -- Everybody suffers from a career dip during their working life, and the solution is not to go out and buy a motorbike, sports car, and skinny jeans and loafers, says regular columnist Dr. Paul McCoubrie. He has some practical advice on how to keep going in the middle years.  Discuss
COVID-19 papers: Publish fast, even if it's trash
September 29, 2020 -- In the mad rush of the COVID-19 rat race to become the first to publish "important" scientific or research results, even respected peer-reviewed journals have accepted articles without a proper review, the Maverinck writes in a new column. Pointless papers have become a serious problem, he says.  Discuss
French-speaking world gets set for 6-channel JFR
September 28, 2020 -- Predictive imaging, lung cancer screening, and the so-called patient experience will be central themes at the annual congress for the French-speaking radiological community, the Journées Francophones de Radiologie (JFR). The event will take place between 2 and 5 October via six livestreaming channels.  Discuss
How AI can help boost efficiency and cut stress
September 25, 2020 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) enables medical imaging staff to navigate the future in various ways, including raising efficiency, speeding up examination times, and improving workflow, according to Dr. Eliot Siegel. Don't miss part 2 of our coverage of his talk at the Fall 2020 Virtual Conference.  Discuss
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