Can a more rigorous approach to justification reduce patient deaths?
November 22, 2022 -- Important questions remain unanswered after the death of a 43-year-old Australian woman who underwent a wellness scan: Should she have had the CT exam? Should the anaphylactic reaction have been better managed? What does the case tell us about the justification issue? Read More
Dutch team evaluates bone formation in psoriatic arthritis patients
November 21, 2022 -- Researchers from Amsterdam UMC have reported that F-18 sodium fluoride PET/CT may be a valuable tool for imaging patients with psoriatic arthritis because it reveals new bone formation missed on clinical evaluation of peripheral joints. Read More
Not all suspected cases of acute aortic syndrome get vital CT exams
November 21, 2022 -- Do all patients with suspected acute aortic syndrome receive CT aortography for diagnosis of the condition? Perhaps not, according to a team of New Zealand investigators. Read More
Novel study investigates impact of marijuana on lungs
November 18, 2022 -- Airway inflammation and emphysema are more common in marijuana smokers than in non-smokers and tobacco-only smokers, a study of CT scans conducted over 15 years has found. The results were published on 15 November in Radiology. Read More
Where are we now with total-body PET/CT systems?
November 17, 2022 -- New total-body PET/CT equipment could be a game changer in complex adult and pediatric cases, according to a Swiss nuclear medicine expert who has recently shared his experiences working with one of these scanners. Read More
PET brings clarity and precision in cases of high-grade gliomas
November 16, 2022 -- A new French study has underlined the accuracy of F-18 fluorodopa-PET in differentiating recurrent malignant gliomas from treatment-related changes and shown the potential value of the dynamic slope as a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker. Read More
Much to gain from AI in hybrid imaging, but mind the gap
November 16, 2022 -- Artificial intelligence (AI) can boost image quality and analysis and prediction in hybrid imaging, but clinicians must remain cautious with algorithms because they are not always reliable in clinical practice, a French expert in translational imaging has warned. Read More
Maskell: Demand management for radiology isn't our problem
November 15, 2022 -- Coping with the increasing demand for imaging is very much our problem, but limiting this demand is largely down to the actions of others elsewhere in the healthcare system, writes Dr. Giles Maskell. Read More
PET/CT proves value in guiding breast cancer therapy
November 15, 2022 -- FDG-PET/CT can help guide therapy in breast cancer, particularly in distant disease staging and treatment response assessment, the leading Austrian researcher Dr. Katja Pinker-Domenig told a hybrid imaging event on 11 November. Read More
Inquest focuses on radiologist who missed subdural hematoma
November 14, 2022 -- A U.K. coroner's investigation into the case of a man who died nine days after a fall has heard that the teleradiologist failed to identify a subdural hematoma, according to a media report from the inquest held on 11 November. Read More