German group underlines potential of novel chest imaging method
August 27, 2021 -- Investigators from the Technical University of Munich believe x-ray dark-field chest imaging may be the most significant advance in standard chest x-ray in 100 years. They've shown how it can help to diagnose lung disease. Read More
Cardiac CT tissue tracking proves value in pulmonary embolism
August 26, 2021 -- Evaluation of longitudinal strain by CT is fast emerging as a useful tool to stratify low-risk patients with pulmonary embolism, according to new research being presented at this week's European Society of Cardiology annual congress. Read More
Dutch team reports success with CAD software for lung nodules
August 25, 2021 -- Researchers from a large teaching hospital in the Netherlands have found artificial intelligence-based computer-aided detection (CAD) software can be highly sensitive for detecting pulmonary nodules on CT exams in clinical practice. They posted their results on 14 August in Clinical Radiology. Read More
Europe gets fresh advice on COVID-19 vaccines and breast imaging
August 24, 2021 -- In a bid for clarity, the European Society of Breast Imaging has issued new recommendations to standardize patient management and reduce unnecessary imaging and invasive procedures in cases of unilateral axillary lymphadenopathy -- a frequent mild side effect of COVID-19 vaccination. Read More
U.K. report highlights risk of delayed diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome
August 24, 2021 -- An investigation by the U.K. Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch has found that the delayed diagnosis of cauda equina syndrome can have a grave impact on patient health. It gives details about the disturbing case of a young woman who has long-term problems because her condition went undetected. Read More
7T MRI shows renewed promise for imaging wrist trauma
August 23, 2021 -- Depicting the wrist with MRI is challenging, but a new study from Sweden has revealed that 7-tesla MRI improves anatomical visualization and image quality over 3-tesla imaging. This could lead to better detection and management of pathologies. Read More
Magnetic resonance imaging: Thoughts on the 50th anniversary
August 23, 2021 -- The 50th anniversary of MRI will take place on 3 September 2021, writes the Maverinck. To mark the occasion, he looks back at the historic moment when the concept was first discussed in a burger bar in Pennsylvania. Read More
CTA shows how statin treatment changes coronary plaque
August 20, 2021 -- Dutch researchers have found CT angiography (CTA) demonstrates that statin treatment in patients at risk of heart disease not only reduces the volume of some types of coronary plaque -- thus slowing progression towards more advanced disease -- but it also changes plaque density. Read More
Report: Breast cancer survival could be boosted by investment
August 20, 2021 -- There are shocking disparities in breast cancer survival between low-income and high-income countries around the world, but these differences could be addressed by major investments in treatment and diagnosis, according to a simulation study published on 17 August in Lancet Oncology. Read More
Belgian group unveils progress on radiation risk assessment
August 19, 2021 -- Researchers from University Hospitals Leuven have developed a metric that determines patient size directly from x-ray images and can enable automated patient-specific dosimetry. Read More