Multislice CT almost as good as IVUS in acute coronary syndromes
September 6, 2006 -- BARCELONA - In the early stage of acute coronary syndrome, 16-slice multidetector-row CT can locate the culprit lesion, according to a presentation this week at the European Society of Cardiology's World Congress of Cardiology. Researchers from University Hospital in Bordeaux, France compared 16-slice CT to 40-MHz catheter-based intravascular ultrasound (IVUS). Read More
Study reaffirms value of chest radiography
August 11, 2006 -- As medical imaging goes increasingly high-tech, a new study out of the Netherlands indicates that the workhorse of radiology -- the chest x-ray -- remains a cost-effective exam that impacts patient management in a majority of cases. Read More
High rate of unexpected lung cancers found on routine CT scans
May 24, 2006 -- SAN DIEGO - One-fifth of consecutive CT scans for all indications in a U.K. teaching hospital demonstrated a new malignancy, according to a study presented Monday at the American Thoracic Society (ATS) conference. Read More
CT, MRI show successful vocal cord restoration
May 10, 2006 -- A new vocal cord restoration technique injects the body's own fat into damaged vocal cords to restore damaged voice quality. Imaging with CT and MRI show that vocal function not only improves after the procedure, but endures over follow-up periods of at least four years. Read More
Swedes want to perform VC, but many lack equipment, training
May 8, 2006 -- Less than a quarter of Sweden's radiology departments perform virtual colonoscopy, but not for lack of interest in the procedure, a new study finds. Rather, the lack of multidetector CT scanners and training opportunities were the top reasons for not performing VC. Read More
VC CAD helps junior readers catch up
May 4, 2006 -- Virtual colonoscopy computer-aided detection (CAD) can improve sensitivity for polyp detection, especially for the inexperienced reader, according to a study from Paris. Read More
Austrian radiologist to lead 2007 ECR
March 8, 2006 -- VIENNA - The 2006 European Congress of Radiology (ECR) ended Tuesday with the installation of an Austrian radiologist to lead next year's proceedings, which will also highlight the imaging expertise of China and the Czech Republic. Read More
Professor Adam looks at ECR 2006 and beyond
March 2, 2006 -- As the curtain rises on the European Congress of Radiology (ECR 2006), is pleased to bring you a conversation with this year's president, professor Andy Adam from the U.K. The professor of interventional radiology at King's College London talks about the meeting ahead, organizational changes in the ECR, interventional radiology, the National Health Service, and more in our exclusive interview. Read More
Colon CAD: VC's extra eyes face new challenges
August 5, 2005 -- Prototype colon CAD systems are proliferating, and thanks to years of painstaking development work they're doing a pretty good job, outperforming all but the best radiologists in the detection of colonic lesions. VC CAD expert Dr. Hiro Yoshida from Harvard Medical School in Boston discusses the major innovations that have produced today's complex CAD systems, and the moving target CAD developers face in keeping up with new performance standards. Read More
Model saves time, radiation by simulating anatomic changes during radiotherapy
July 25, 2005 -- Organs and tumors can twist, turn, and deform substantially during radiotherapy, creating a moving target for treatment planners seeking to avoid irradiating normal tissue. One solution, a full CT scan before each treatment, is both time- and radiation-intensive. But what if doctors could simply "update" the pretreatment scan with a few newly acquired planar projection images? Researchers from Virginia built and tested a model to do just that. Read More
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