VC shows high diagnostic yield after failed colonoscopy
May 6, 2010 -- Virtual colonoscopy finds significant pathology in patients referred after failed colonoscopy, according to a study presented at the Digestive Disease Week meeting in New Orleans. The results show the need for a complete colon exam and highlight VC's strengths in detecting extracolonic abnormalities. Read More
FDG-PET/CT detects recurrence of colorectal cancer
May 5, 2010 -- FDG-PET/CT has a "significant role" in characterizing suspected colorectal cancer recurrence at an early stage, according to a study presented by U.K. researchers at the American Roentgen Ray Society meeting this week in San Diego. Read More
Flexible sigmoidoscopy of dubious value after VC
May 4, 2010 -- The yield of additional pathological findings was quite low in a group of symptomatic patients who underwent flexible sigmoidoscopy after virtual colonoscopy screening, according to a poster presentation at this week's Digestive Disease Week meeting in New Orleans. Read More
Breast MRI improves cancer staging for newly diagnosed women
May 3, 2010 -- Contrast-enhanced breast MRI finds breast lesions missed on mammography and ultrasound, and can help surgeons plan the best surgical treatment, improving patient outcomes, according to a study presented at the American Roentgen Ray Society meeting this week in San Diego. Read More
CAD, PACS pairing boosts lung nodule detection, saves time
April 30, 2010 -- The use of computer-aided detection (CAD) technology as a concurrent reader on PACS workstations can improve the performance of inexperienced readers in detecting lung nodules, according to a study from Catholic University in Rome. Read More
Digital radiography falls short in lung cancer screening trial
April 27, 2010 -- While establishing the feasibility of digital radiography (DR) for lung cancer screening, a Dutch study has questioned the practicality of DR as a substitute for CT in detecting lung masses, according to a study published in the May issue of Radiology. Read More
Pediatric CT dose is low but varies widely in Belgium
April 23, 2010 -- A national survey of scan protocol behavior and radiation dose at hospitals in Belgium has found that even though most facilities are generally keeping pediatric CT radiation dose low, there is still some variation between sites in terms of median dose levels. Read More
3T MRA protocol has value but falls short in abdominal vasculature
April 19, 2010 -- A time-resolved 3-tesla MR angiography (MRA) technique that uses less contrast dose than conventional high-resolution MRI has some advantages in the abdominal aorta, but its lower signal-to-noise ratio means it probably won't supplant conventional MRA, according to a study in the May Academic Radiology. Read More
Small colon polyps on VC suggest presence of larger lesions
April 16, 2010 -- Individuals with several diminutive colon polyps on virtual colonoscopy studies are far more likely than other screening subjects to also have a larger colorectal lesion, say researchers from the University of Munich in Germany. Read More
Automated exposure control delivers uneven CT dose reduction
April 15, 2010 -- Reducing tube current may be a popular way to lower CT radiation dose, but it's not necessarily an effective one. In a new study, medical physicists from Greece found that organ dose reductions resulting from tube current modulation with automated exposure control can vary -- especially in children. Read More
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