Spanish researchers tie midlife heart disease to Alzheimer's
February 17, 2021 -- Researchers from Spain have used PET to discover that individuals in their 50s with signs of cardiovascular disease also have reduced brain metabolism in areas connected with Alzheimer's disease. The findings provide a link between brain and heart health. Read More
Paris research team uses MRI to show COVID-19's impact on eyes
February 16, 2021 -- A group of investigators from France has used MRI to investigate the impact that COVID-19 can have on the eyes in cases of more severe disease. The findings could indicate the need to screen COVID-19 patients for ophthalmological manifestations. Read More
Smashing the magnetic field strength dogma in MRI
February 16, 2021 -- The field-strength question has divided the MR community since the early 1980s. Where do we stand now and what might the future hold? The Maverinck investigates in a new column. Read More
U.K. team backs shorter MRI exam for prostate cancer screening
February 15, 2021 -- A research team from Imperial College London has reported that a short, biparametric MRI protocol without contrast detected twice as many clinically significant prostate cancers compared with prostate-specific antigen (PSA) testing. The authors published their results on 11 February in JAMA Oncology. Read More
French groups issue new guidelines to promote safe contrast use
February 15, 2021 -- French nephrology societies and the national radiology society have published guidelines on the safe use of contrast media in the wake of guidance from the European Society of Urogenital Radiology. Read More
Don't become the recluses of medicine, Brady urges
February 12, 2021 -- There's a real danger the growth of artificial intelligence and the new working practices necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic will lead to "the vanishing radiologist" becoming a reality, Dr. Adrian Brady has warned in a hard-hitting opinion piece. Read More
Why can PACS still be both a miracle and a misery?
February 11, 2021 -- PACS developers have paid insufficient attention to the ergonomics and configurability of the interface and how a user will interact with the impressive underlying system architecture, Dr. Chris Hammond writes. Read More
Dutch parliament supports MRI screening for dense breasts
February 11, 2021 -- The second chamber of the Dutch parliament has voted unanimously in favor of women with dense breast tissue undergoing MRI exams as part of the national screening program, following lively debate between radiologists and politicians over recent weeks. Read More
Deep learning provides boost for detection of aortic valve calcium
February 10, 2021 -- Researchers have found that their artificial intelligence model was highly accurate for automatically detecting and quantifying aortic valve calcium on cardiac CT, outperforming radiologist assessments in severe cases. Read More
Dutch experts lock horns over MRI's screening role in dense breasts
February 9, 2021 -- The heated debate over the pros and cons of contrast-enhanced mammography and MRI for screening women with dense breast tissue has resurfaced in the Netherlands, with parliament scheduled to vote on the use of MRI as a screening tool. Read More