Building bridges in radiology will be central theme for ECR 2022
September 8, 2021 -- Registration is now open for ECR 2022, which will take place between 2 and 6 March and feature an extensive range of both online and onsite activities. The main theme will be "Building Bridges" -- reflecting a multidisciplinary approach to radiology, according to the European Society of Radiology. Read More
Making the switch from radiologist to Olympic sports physician
September 7, 2021 -- Dr. Michiko Dohi is a leading sports physician in Japan. After playing a prominent role at the Tokyo Olympics, she reflects on her career. She reveals how she moved from clinical radiology into elite sports medicine and how French MRI pioneer Prof. Denis Le Bihan inspired her. Read More
AI detects cancer on mammography but is inferior to double reading
September 7, 2021 -- Investigators from Lund University in Sweden have found artificial intelligence (AI) software can detect cancers on digital mammography that had originally been found on digital breast tomosynthesis, but AI falls short of double reading by radiologists. Read More
What are the 4 greatest challenges facing radiology right now?
September 6, 2021 -- Visibility and making patients and decision-makers -- particularly politicians -- understand the importance of having strong radiology departments is the main challenge facing the profession, says the senior radiologist Dr. Raman Uberoi from Oxford, U.K. Read More
Socioeconomic factors influence take-up of breast cancer screening
September 3, 2021 -- Women are more likely to get breast screening if they have better education, speak English in the home, or own a car, while screening rates tend to drop if women live farther away from the screening location, Australian researchers have found. Read More
New research puts focus on coronary microvascular disease in long COVID
September 2, 2021 -- A German-led study has identified a significantly reduced microvascular perfusion post COVID-19 compared with healthy controls, irrespective of symptoms and disease severity. The findings were presented at the recent European Society of Cardiology annual congress. Read More
Can AI help to improve radiologist accuracy in prostate MRI?
September 1, 2021 -- An artificial intelligence (AI)-based computer-aided detection software application can improve the performance of radiologists in reading biparametric prostate MRI exams, according to Swiss-led research. Read More
Belgians shed light on major adverse cardiac events in COVID-19 cases
August 31, 2021 -- The absence of coronary artery calcium translates into a low risk of major adverse cardiovascular events in COVID-19 patients, even in the presence of cardiac risk factors, Belgian researchers reported at the European Society of Cardiology annual congress. Read More
Report: Hospital managers knew of missed cancers from x-ray backlog
August 31, 2021 -- Up to 30 cancers may have knowingly gone undetected two years before an official probe into a backlog of thousands of x-rays at a U.K. National Health Service hospital group, according to a report posted by BBC News. Read More
What was it like to work as a radiologist at the Tokyo Olympics?
August 30, 2021 -- Dr. Michel Daoud Crema worked as a musculoskeletal radiologist for the French Olympic Team at the recent Tokyo Games. He describes this remarkable and uplifting experience and looks ahead to Paris 2024. Read More