Week in Review: Going Dutch on AI | The younger generation's perspective | How Israel became an AI hub

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The Dutch have many skills, and one of them is definitely artificial intelligence (AI) know-how.

In this week's top story, Prof. Marion Smits describes how she and her colleagues approach AI at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. She's an extremely clear thinker and eloquent speaker and is also the winner of the Most Influential Radiology Researcher award in the 2021 EuroMinnies scheme. Interestingly, this is the third consecutive year a woman has won this prize, after the triumphs of Dr. Christiane Kuhl in 2020 and Prof. Vicky Goh in 2019.

Dutch radiology is blessed with considerable talent among the younger generation, too -- judged on the poise and calmness of Dr. Merel Huisman, winner of the EuroMinnies award for Radiology Rising Star. She shares her thoughts on AI, burnout, and social media in our second video interview.

Israel has become an AI hub over recent years and has even been dubbed the new Silicon Valley. In another video, Kevin Lev of Philips' Haifa office outlines how this has come about. His team won the Best New Radiology Software award in the EuroMinnies, and Lev gives an update on the winning product. Find out more in the Artificial Intelligence Community.

Next week we'll post interviews with two more winners of the 2021 EuroMinnies, so please look out for them on our homepage.

Concussion and traumatic brain injuries are a major concern in elite sport right now. A team from Uppsala, Sweden, has evaluated the use of PET/MRI in young athletes. The findings deserve a close look.

Last but not least, we have a medicolegal story for you from the U.K. Clinical staff at a hospital southwest of London failed to review an x-ray exam due to a computer error. Get the full story in the Digital X-Ray Community.

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